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Fleeing & Eluding (Mini Game Idea)


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Fleeing & Eluding is a game a friend of mine and i like to play when we are in a private session.


The way it works is one of us gets a cop car and the other gets in one of our PV and the person in a regular car they choose from off the street has to try and get away and the game ends when the police have disabled the car or the person in the car is able to avoid your line of sight for 30 seconds.


The only rules is you can only ram the car and pin them you can not kill the driver of the standard car off the street not PV allowed & they can not change cars at all, You can only use the Combat Pistol to disable the car via shooting out the tires or the engine if you kill the driver or shoot them you loose.


What do you think of this for a mini game?


It's kind of like Cops & Robbers but instead of trying to kill the player you are trying to arrest them by disabling there car

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Original Sin


if you kill the driver or shoot them you loose.



Pet peeve of mine. Sorry.

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I liked watching those mod videos for GTA4 where one player would have a 30sec headstart then the rest would chase in various cop vehicles, no shooting, just ramming until the car is dead, would love to get that going in GTAO

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