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Is anyone else getting even more infinite loadings?


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So everybody can agree that GTA 5 has always had the problem with an infinite loading screen occasionally, but now I'm not only getting it more often, but I'm also getting it when walking into my garage, and sometimes zooming out for transitions.


Also, (kind of OTR) I hate how it puts you back into story mode when you can't connect to a session.

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I have not been playing storymode (except for starting it up to begin a private on-line session), but I have noticed long load times and freezing when playing on-line. At one point when I was entering my garage on-line the black screen with the swirling circle was up for so long the system actually booted me out of the on-line session.


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I too hate being gently nudged off into story mode !$%^$&^%@

Would much prefer a black screen from which you can keep trying.

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