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Xbox360: J Clarke Industries


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Crew Name: J Clarke Industries
Leader Contact: Redjames27
Social Club Crew Link: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/j_clarke_industries
Platform(s): Xbox360
Timezone: UTC -5 Eastern Time (US & Canada)


Hi, I'm James. Right now my crew is just me, my brother, and a friend of ours. I'm not looking to expand my crew a ton, but I am looking for some more good members. I'm not looking for guys who think they're the "best" and are going to be hotheaded jerks about it. Whatever your skills are, and whatever skills you wish to attain, that's what I want for my crew. And I won't force you to use any specific guns/vehicles/paint colors.


Of course I need to prove my worth, so I'll tell you my basic stats and my play style. Whether you scoff or actually think I might be a good leader, that's up to you to decide.



Age: 23

Rank 156

23.47% accuracy (I need to stop using my minigun so much...)

Favored weapons: Special carbine/assault shotgun/heavy sniper and AP Pistol when driving. I decided to remove my silencers for a slight accuracy/damage boost, even if it makes them attract a lot of attention.

Vehicles: Akuma (speed/offroad), Bullet (speed/armor), BF Injection (offroad/armor). I also have a Maverick and multiple prop planes (Malard, Mammatus, Velum, Duster).

Skills: Shooting, hacking. I'm a good driver and pilot, but I'm not one for races. That's my brother. Hence why my vehicle choices revolve around armor, maneuverability and price.


Playstyle: My playstyle mostly revolves around being the best I can be at killing, since that's my specialty in our crew. Of course I die plenty, but I've got quite good driving around with my AP pistol. And I can use a heavy sniper at ranges beyond the rendering distance of players by aiming for driver's seats and using the minimap to track players (it can be surprisingly hard to figure out what road to look at when you're on top of a building 1/2 a mile away). Of course I screw around a lot too because this is a game.


So yeah, that's me summed up as short as I can put it. I'm of course looking for more skilled shooters, whether close, medium or long range, as well as any players with other specialties. And of course newbies who want to learn are welcome too.

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Depending on what times you guys are on, I might want to join you. Every crew I've had so far doesn't play late nights so it is kinda hard finding one at the moment.

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