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Playing on satellite internet

The Actual Kid

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The Actual Kid

If you are going to post "TL;DR", don't. You are contributing nothing to the topic and simply bumping your post count.


Before I begin, I'm glad I can at least play something online. I used to have a Bell turbo hub, and it was a crazy rip-off, though I could play games with only about a 250 millisecond ping. The plan was something like 15 GB for $90.00. Every GB over that was an extra fifteen bucks. My dad decided to switch to a satellite service in October when it became available where we are or something, so now we have a plan for 50 gigs for $70.00. Not sure how much money it is when you go over (hasn't happened yet).


I'm glad that I can watch YouTube without feeling guilty and can actually now download stuff without having to do it at a friend's place (twenty minutes away). But sometimes I'm not so happy that I get over one second of ping and now cannot play most online games. I'm going to talk about GTA, though.


GTA I can actually play, so that's a good thing. Normally it's fine. Even though riding with a friend can be a pretty wonky experience seeing the car teleport everywhere, delays in doing things, etc., I still have fun. But one thing can really annoy me that's caused by the lag, and that's PvP.


Many of my PvP deaths are because of the one second advantage the other player has on me. This can be very frustrating at times, especially when I'm trying to win (I have healthy spirit, though, so don't worry). I mean, I'll snipe the guy, get the hit indicator, then there's a delay that feels like an eternity before they actually drop dead. In that time, the other player will of had the chance to kill me (which often happens). Or the connection will experience a delay, refresh, and the player has shot me dead. Or a point-blank duel will normally result in me dead because I'm lagging behind the other dude.


I was just in a lobby battling some person after they killed me when I was offering a ride. It was fun, but kind of frustrating when I would be killed and the main reason was my inferior connection. They were up 8-5 when my game froze (could've been hardware issues or the internet experiencing a frequent interruption [i have to troubleshoot my laptop connection all the time]). When I turn the PS3 on again a few minutes later, I had a nice message being called a pussy and being trash-talked about my skill. I didn't reply and don't intend on doing so, but it did annoy me a little since what they were saying was correlated with my poor connection/PlayStation and not with my skill or sportsmanship. Then I just started writing this topic.


I'm not mad, no. Just wanted to share some of my thoughts/experiences and maybe see if any of you also experience what I've talked about. Maybe some of you guys that have really good connections still experience lag because of poor servers.

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