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Black Star Militia - Free Aim Crew (Mission Focused)

White Shark

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White Shark


Black Star Militia



Free Aim ONLY Crew

Clan Theme: Terrorist, Anarchist group. Anti-authoritive. Our colour theme is black.

Style: Black clothing, combats.

Vehicles: Mainly trucks, rugged or off-road vehicles and motorcycles. Primary colour of vehicles should be black.


Main Objectives:

My crew is Free Aim only and we focus on missions. If you play Free Aim and prefer missions, join this crew so you have a reliable pool of militants to call upon / invite when the need arises! We are highly loyal to one another. If you're in Free Mode and one of your fellow Militants are attacked, you drop EVERYTHING, and hunt the responsible bastard down. We welcome all into our group, whether you're a lowly Rebel (Rank 1-10) to an experienced Militant (Rank 91+). Be sure to provide assistance to the lower level members in completing missions and thus becoming stronger soldiers!

Side tasks:

  • Bomb Weazel News vans on sight. We despise their brainwashing propaganda!
  • Same goes for parked cop cars. Teach those pigs a lesson when they stop for dohnuts!
  • Be sure to take photos of your attacks, or assassination victims, along with a message for the media!

If this sounds like the group for you, feel free to join!


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