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Will the ''Next'' GTA Game take place in one of these


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Either Las Venturas, San Fierro, North Yankton, or Vice City?



Now before I say my opinion, Yes, of course it is too early talking about a ''next '' GTA game. If one will be made, maybe named GTA VI. So just wanted to get that off my chest. I wanted to make this thread seeing what people will think.


Since the 'next' supposed GTA game may or may not be on PS4 and Xboner One, it will be on a new and better hardware. So it would be cool to travel with airport to places. Nevermind, IMO its gotta take place in VC. Its the only so called ''Main'' City left from the original games. LC, VC, and LS. I hope Vice City is alot bigger on this GTA game.


Wich place do you think its gunna take place in?

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Ugh f*ck it just lock this thread. I did not realise it was just another ''Wich city will the next gta take place in'' ETC. Looked at thread, its filled with where GTA VI will take place in

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