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XboX Chill/Passive Lobby with mini games.


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Welcome To The Jungle!




This lobby is created in mind for those that wish to explore free mode without worrying about being disturbed.



Here are some ways to pass the time and get to know some chill people.




1)Motorcycle Shotgun Jousting




Take a motorcycle of your choice, head to the airport, and ride head on against your opponent. Fire the shotgun and watch your foe fly off his bike and eat asphalt.


2)Jason Vorhees Lives




Oh no, you are being chased by a masked killer with a knife, and a serious chip on his shoulder. One masked killer chases unarmed victims thru the maze. No one gets out alive!


3)Cops And Robbers




Now you've done it the cops are after you, and they're not happy. You must flee the city and head north on the highway. You have no weapons, and only a crappy 4 door sedan to make your getaway. The cops are other players and can only use handguns.



4)King Of The Hill




Make your way to a hilltop, and claim your territory by crashing into anyone that attempts to take your throne.


5)Stunt Temple Pilots




Time to spread your wings and pucker up your bunghole. Flying can be fun, but not as fun as trying not to hit the roof of a highway tunnel with your tail rudder. See how crazy a session of trick flybys can get with stunt planes.






Find a winding road or empty parking lot, and let them rip.


7)Car Meets/Drag Racing




Find a nice place to park and take pics. Or hit the strip and see who has the biggest... engine.







Nice convertible! Unfortunately you've just lost that massive fatty you were smoking down the highway. Unless you want to waste 50$ of the finest home grown? You better run across 8 lanes of busy traffic and get your blunt back.


There will be no griefing, or unauthorized killing in this lobby. And as punishment if you do commit crimes against your fellow players, there will be consequences. Offenders will be dropped off in the hood, and must escape using only a hand gun. Repeat offenders will be BLACKLISTED from future games.






Post GT's here and send requests to GT: DY ClutchDeath.

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GT(XxTheNewDoggxX) Do I Need Mic


it isnt letting me send request


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Sounds fun! My gamertag is wildin87 :)


Sounds fun. I want in! If that's cool

GT: Cant7OUch7HIS13


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This sounds pretty awesome I totally could get into these games. my GT is Man of Yuggoth

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Still playing?


GT: Hank Beist



Sorry dude, got disconnected last night and couldn't get back on!

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I would like to join in on the fun if you have room , my GT is in my signature, thanks!

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Wow you guys are great, yesterdays lobby was awesome. We had some small issues that I will address.


Please have a mic, its much better for everyone.


If you happen to invite friends, please make sure they understand the rules posted here.


The next event will be held today 3/29 at 2pm pacific time. I will try to add as many people as I can, looking forward to seeing everyone.

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