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f*cking tanks.


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On top of the fact tht nobody online should have access to it theres anotr issue i have with the tank. Apparently a couple patches ago players were complaining tht upon seein tht there was a tank othr players wud drive their personal vehicles into it, destroying their kills nd eventually giving the tank driver the title of bad sport. So how does rockstar deal with this? They make it so tht any vehicle destroyed by a tank(in anyway mind u) will havto b payd for out of pocket by the owner. Ok so i leave my garage to put a turbo in my car nd theres a tank parkd in front of the pay n spray. He blows me nd my car up for no reason and i haveto payfor it? How is tht ok?

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Shark cards don't you just love em? On a serious note Buy a tank and park up in LSC, grief NPC's allowing you to fire inside LSC. Mod a few cars, go home and feel much better. Its wise to have a $0 bank balance if you do this.

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Go f*ck your mother

Apparently that's the standard response on here if you you whine about tanks.


I hate the f*cking things too :)

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If not for the griefers, tanks are pretty fun, I just bought mine this weekend. Only attacked those that attacked me first, was fun to use to fight back against bounty hunters, and nice tool to wreck havok against police and work towards the cop related awards.

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