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Barriers in front of my garage?...


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Yea so i think ive seen a pretty good amount of glitches, etc during my time on gta online but something happend yestrday that was just plain wierd. Aftr driving by a player who tried to kill me i turnd around nd killd him first an drove back to my house. About halfway there i noticed he was chasing me but i was in a fat care so ididnt thnk anythng of it. Wen i got bakto my house in front of my garage door were the big blue construction site walls. They were fully rendered in nd were seemingly placed directly in front of my garage dr. I hadto go through my apartment entrance bc it was completely blocked off. Went to a different lobby. Abt 10 mins later i noticed that 3 players tht were in my vicinity had all gotten tanks. So wen i tried to drive bakto my garage the sme thng happend with the barriers. I got off nd havent been on since this happend yestrday. Idk its possible tht this was some wierd glitch nd i kno ive been rambling a little but this just seemd really odd to me. Has this happend to anyone else?

Sry abt the grammar i wrote this in a rush on my iphone

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It's where people have glitched the deathmatch content creator to free roam. Best to report their gametags to R*

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Yeah, I've reported several people for using those glitches to their advantage. Only thing you can do is take a photo (snapmatic or actual picture) and send it in with the report.

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