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[XBOX] Huge Off-Road car meet/trail ride/camping trip


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We will all meet at downtown LSC and from there we will travel TOGETHER. into the unknown wilderness that is GTA online off-road (:


Rules: No excessive horn honking.

No pushing other people off cliffs.

No purposely wrecking into another players vehicle.

Chat with the other players.

If you see you another player having trouble getting up a hill or mountain kindly give them a gentle push with your vehicle.

Do not drive past the leader of the Trailride!

Keep a safe distance from the vehicle infront of you. Don't whine if you crash your vehicle down a mountain and it gets destroyed!


Have fun!!!!!!



If you want to join simply post your gamer tag below or message me on Xbox

My gt is Zomb1esNeedHugs

It is starting once 4 ppl have joined!

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You have me as a friend


When will this be?

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