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game will break your system

grand theft spaghetti

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grand theft spaghetti

if you have any freezing issues. stop playing the game. it will brick your console.

game froze, ejected the disc, ps3 is now a paperweight unable to play any discs or sign online.


just giving you guys a heads up. some of you might live in dusty old houses and get your internet from mcdonalds wifi. others like air cobra are just trolls riding rockstars dick. go ahead and keep thinking all the people on both systems having the same problems at the same time only after the last update, must not take care of their consoles. i have a working atari in the box, working old nintendo in the box, working snes in the box. i even have my original gta3 for the ps2 without a scratch or smudge. hell, i own glass pieces older than most of the people buying cash cards for this game. i take excellent care of my stuff.


this game hard freezes your system. we all know thats not good for the life of your system. back when i reported on the original godmode mega bounties the same group of people said the same stuff. pics or it didnt happen, op is a liar. i'll have a new system long before brian b. announces heists will be playable. but if your having at least 2 hard freezes a week you should stop playing. at least until the next update when the freezing stops...or gets worse.

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Cool, let it break your console. If the console is still under retail warranty take it back to the shop for a replacement. If it is still under manufacturer warranty return it to Sony or Microsoft. 9/10 they will fix the console or replace it at no extra cost. Especially if you explain to them GTAV was the root cause of the problem.

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Never heard a disc breaking a console. Sure the disc lens but the console as a whole?


Lol K.


To people that are having hard freezes, don't hard boot the console. Just eject the disc or open the disc tray if you have super slim PS3.


It will restart even on a hard freeze in 5 seconds.

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I'm not sure about bricking the console, but I do know this; I'm done with this pile of sh*t.


IF they put out a patch, fine, I'll see if that helps but right now, after MONTHS of trying I just got back online to find the outside world a mess of low-rez textures. I quit before it could freeze my console, tried one last time to re-load and got stuck on a loading (above the clouds) screen.


f*ck you Rockstar. I'm done here.

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