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I would like to display a help message (purple transparent box), on the upper-left part of the screen (like on this picture):


In order to do that: I'm using this code:

But, it's not working:

-whether I'm not using the good native (PRINT_HELP);

-or, the parameter i added is not the good one ; (i think, this is the actual problem)


So, How do I display a help box on the upper-left of the screen, with a custom message ?



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what makes u think u can print any message u like with this native... did u check the SCOs to see how to use?? then u see why yours doesnt work ;)


so yeah this native is used to print pre defined help messages... look...


sco code from ambcabaret


so it uses a file name or something to print the appropriate message, u cant just print whatever u like... u can recreate this box if u know how to create rectangles and text in perframedraw event

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If you import AdvancedHook.dll into your project you can print any message you would like in that fashion.


Check my function DisplayHelp() @ line 507 on this link -> https://github.com/pedro2555/gta-iv-mods/blob/master/ultimate-indicator-script/mainScript.cs#L507


Actually the keep thing isn't working... and sometimes the black box doesn't show up, happens on small messages AFAIK.


!Be aware that AdvancedHook.dll is other's work and you might get in trouble by distributing it, that github project was taken down from google code for that exact reason.


There is a great post on this forum about message displaying, search for 'possible text displaying function', it should be the very first result (even on Google)

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