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Ultimate Metropolitan Police Clan (GTA IV) (UMPC)


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About us

You're probably reading this page because you want to know a little more about who we actually are and what we do, hence the page called 'About Us'! Firstly, we are a Metropolitan Police Clan using the LCPDFR mod on Grand Theft Auto IV for PC. This mod, created by G17 Media changes the whole in-game experience to yourself being a law enforcer. We use customarrow-10x10.png Metropolitan Police vehicles, uniforms and other mods and scripts to give the most realistic and enjoyable game play experience for all our members.

You will be able to find a few Metropolitan Police clan's dotted around LCPDFR, but if you are looking for a professional, highly active, well organised, realistic and up to date clan, you are on the right website. With a strong senior managementarrow-10x10.png team, and friendly members, you will love being part of our community.

Our clan carry out official patrols every week for members to join and roleplay with the rest of the clan


Must be 14+



Warning System Warning 1 - A member of SMT will verbally inform you of what the reasoning behind the warning which has been issued regarding the behaviour.

Warning 2 - A member of SMT will verbally inform you and issue a suspension from patrol, the length of suspension depends on the seriousness of the incident.
Warning 3 - A member of SMT will verbally inform you before warning 3 has been issued. At this stage, a suspension from the clan or even a ban is to be issued to the member regarding the behaviour which is to be issued. A ban from the clan should only be issued by the commissioner or deputy commissioner.
(If any member from CMT or DMT receives a warning at any stage, their current rank will be discussed by SMT, a possible remove from rank is highly likely)
Clan Rules
• Respect all members.
• Do not enter other clans TeamSpeak’s to cause trouble.
• You must have a clear microphone.
• No excessive poking/messaging as this could be classed as harassment.
• Any racism, bullying or name calling will result in disciplinary action.
• You must only be in one clan for GTA IV on the PC at a time.
• You must not use any proxies.
• You must have a legal version of GTA IV which you have paidarrow-10x10.png for.
• Do not ask SMT to be promoted in the clan.
• No inappropriate talking in the clan, we accommodate for all ages.
• Don’t share the pack with anyone else; it’s for your own use.
• If you find any bugs/glitches with the TeamSpeak or mod pack, report it to SMT, DMT or HR.
Patrol Rules
• Do not speak when others are speaking.
• Do not shout or scream.
• Do not speak over control (YR).
• Be silent during briefing unless told to talk.
• Only call for officer assistancearrow-10x10.png if you need it.
• Make sure you remember your call signarrow-10x10.png.
• Refer to members with their call signarrow-10x10.png.
• Don’t spawn cars around users as this causes crashes.
• Don’t respond to calls unless told to by control (YR).
• No sirens or horns during in-game briefing.
• Do not back-chat control (YR).
• Do not take excessive calls, allow others to take calls.
• You must only have our mod pack installed - No extra mods.
• You must only use vehicles assigned to your division.
• No firearms unless you are CO19 and firearms trained.
• Drive professionally and stick to road laws, traffic lights, speed etc.
• When told to meetarrow-10x10.png at a certain location by control (YR), go to the location promptly.
• Don’t use lightsarrow-10x10.png and sirens when they aren’t needed.
• Stay in the vehiclearrow-10x10.png you started the patrol in; don’t spawn lots of different vehicles.
• Make sure you update control (YR) with all status updates.
• No complaining about ranks.
• Do not argue with other members when in-game.

How to join!

Gp to our website - http://umpc.enjin.com

Click "Join Us"

Fill out the applicatiion form

Join the teamspeak (UMRPC.enjinvoice.com)

Get an Interview from Human Resources (HR)

Download our special mod pack

Have fun with clan!


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