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The most beautiful thing just happened


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I went to a new session and for the heck of it started watching TV in my garage. I never watch it. I was flipping through the stations and saw that I could watch other players. I watched these two guys in a yellow and black Torismo. It was a guy and a girl. They went to the beach by the pier and met 3 other guys with Torismos and an entity and all parked by the water taking pictures of their cars. I thought it was odd seeing a meet in a full lobby. They then started beating on each others cars with bats and also started hitting each other. The person I was viewing died, for the second time then all the sudden I'm watching everything from up in the air about 50' above the area where the survival is. I can now see my little map and pull up my guns, but it still looks like I'm viewing through the camera. My guns wont work but I found out my RPG did so I started blowing up their cars and killed some with the explosion. hahaha I know, it was bad. The cops came and started shooting me, but my health would not go down. My special carbine started working and I started killing them. They could see me and were shooting back, but my health would not go down when I was hit. At one point I could shoot them and the cops but it had no effect on then. To make a long story short I chased them out of there then got bored and pulled up my phone to go to a mission, because I was stuck up there. After backing out of the mission I ended up there and some guy drove up and killed me. When I came back I was stuck to a camera type view and ground level this time and nothing worked, so I had to restart the game to get out. Has anyone heard of this happening before?

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Lol yeah this happened to me few weeks ago , exactly the same thing , ended up killing my self in the end when I got bored

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this effect is known as being "in the chrome" or "chromed" or "you so chrome, bruh."

or not. good tale, tho! ;)

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