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Gta 5 Radar and Invisible Enemies: Good or Bad thing?


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Ever get sick of getting killed by AI enemies in the game who are invisible on the radar who you cannot see but can see you?

Isn't frustrating getting shot in the back by an enemy you did not know was there and had no time to do anything about it?

This would not be as bad if your AI enemies also had no idea where you are, but they do and just lie in wait.


I think when it comes to AI enemies they should always be visible on the radar. Since they always know where you are, and gun you down in a second with their pinpoint accuracy its only fair that we can also see them at all times.


Its frustrating for a mission to fail because you got killed by an enemy lurking in the shadows and you having no idea they even existed.

In previous Gta games the enemies were always visible on your radar, making cheap surprise attacks impossible.


Post what you think. Should AI enemies be always visible on your radar or not? Is this new change a good thing or do you want Gta to stay old school when it comes to the radar?

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They're not invisible. They spawn from the thin air right behind you sometimes. That sh*t needs to go imo.

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