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Demons of descent crew looking for members


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Hello and thank you for reading this post because u see I may have posted a topic about my own crew but have now put that aside to tell u I'm currently looking for ppl to be in this crew


Demons of Descent


What we do;everyone is assigned a role and u use that role to help benefit us


Who we are: we are a small crew looking for ppl to make it bigger and better as we progress


How we play: we like to make noise of servers and also have u earn ur own cut of all the profits


How many we got: ATM we have 8 members who have joined but hope to have a lot more


Leader is Mac0813 and he will message u or message me about u and ur jobs of course if u have any questions plz ask either of us


Our link is here http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/demons_of_descent_


God forgives Demons Don't


We are ATM a ps3 crew but will add a xbox leader in the near future


Why should u choose us: we are a upcoming MC crew and u want to get it on the ground floor as we have a opportunity to make it in to the big MC crews in gtav and helpin us grow gets us one step closer to the reality


And remember we are a crew we stick together no matter what

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You guys already have a recruitment topic, stick to that one and that one only. Thanks.

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