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Flickering shadows on buildings


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I had the game running well, without any noticeable problems. Then I started changing the Enb's to find one I liked. I'm not sure when it happens but it looks liked I messed something up as I'm now getting white flickering shadows in the distance on buildings mostly. It's the exact same issue as in this youtube video -


So far I've tried:


Tired reinstalling the game several times.

Tried different Enbs.

Tried the command line stuff.

Tried a texture patch.

Tried different patches 1.40. / 1.70

Installed lastest Nvidia graphics drivers and tried some older drivers.

Tried playing around in the Nvidia control panel with various settings.

I'm not running SLI so that's not the issue.

My other games are running fine, with no issues like this, so the graphics cards fine.


After doing all the above and having wasted many hours, nothing seems to work and I've come here as a last resort to see if anyone can assist, as I just can't figure out what I've messed up.


My system is reasonable :


8gb ram.

Intel I7 processor

Nvidia 470 GTX 1028mb.


Any suggestions at all would be great, as I was enjoying the game until the flickering shadows started. I can't understand why a fresh install doesn't sort it as I never had this issue up to a point it started occurring and you would think a reset would resolve all, but apparently not in this case.





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The other thing I've noticed is that when I go to the menu screen in game, I get two mouse pointers, the in GTA one and the windows one. I've also noticed that when booting up the game with an enb installed, the green enb series logo flickers.

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