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Can anyone help me find a mission?


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I seem to remember a 3 Team Mission where you have to Capture a Tractor Trailer truck (don't remember if it had a bed) and deliver it back to Sandy Shore up near Trevor's place.


The truck would drive up the East Freeway and the teams kinda converged on it.


Does anyone remember the name of the mission? I can't seem to find it on the list.


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Special Agent 25

Sorry, Mis-read question had to edit post.. think its called Truck off

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Yea, Truck Off is the one where you drive the box truck up the coast. Already did that one.


This sucks.

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I'm looking for help too but with a difference mission....


Judging The Jury it was taken off of my list along with RR i got the RR back but not judging the jury if anybody on PS can help me get it back send me a PM here with your PSN and i'll add you

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