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Interstate 82(or Interstate 76)


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Anyone remember these games?


I had just my own computer and was out at a local used game store and stumbled upon a game with a map printed on the disc, so I thought, this has to be a driving game, it was Interstate 82. I had dial up at the time and have never played any online multiplayer game. I was quickly hooked on it. Not long afterwards, I found myself in the Vigilante Brotherhood[VB] clan and had alot of enjoyable moments, learned how to paint cars for multiplayer use. some time passes by and I found myself absorbed by Hells Special Vehicles[HSV] after VB shut down, had more enjoyable moments.


I think Interstate 82 was a good first game for online multplayer at the time.


Not my screens:




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This looks like something I know I played, But I'm not entirely sure it was this..

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Interstate '76 is one of my favourite games of the '90s. I still love it to these days (I've even completed it not long ago) due to fantastic atmosphere of the alternative '70s, groovy music, muscle cars and fantastic story. I'm still hoping for some new edition of this gem.


I wasn't die-hard fan of Interstate '82. I like it, but it was worse that predecessor due to dumbed down mechanics and stupid story.

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This is the game I have been looking for! I f*cking loved playing Interstate 76 as a child! I'm about to play it soon. Man i haven't played this since about 1999 or 2000!

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