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The Penguin Mafia {Xbox 360}


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What we are: We’re a Mafia based group that believes in loyalty, respect and honesty. All of which will be rewarded.


What we do: We spend our time planning out, doing our missions, races or free roaming helping our crew members gather cars they are looking for or helping them upgrade it if they lack funds.


What we are looking for: We are currently seeking out new and active members that will help out the crew , join in on missions, races and in the future TDM, car meets, or other events we may plan in the future.




Ranking System

Boss: LownSlow1984

Consigliere:K3IV FTW



Caporegime:Isiick Poiison



As far as Soliders go we can have as many as join the crew.


All and all I look forward to hearing from some of you very soon.


Just fill this out below and I'll get back to you asap, I am online every day.


Time Zone in:

Time spent on GTA per day:


Do you have a mic?:


About your self:




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Please add a social club link to the topic.

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