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Rooftop Rumble is back! Haha


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Rooftop Rumble is now available to play again in GTA Online. The mission may not be available from your pause menu. If that is the case, please follow these steps:

1) Join GTA Online

2) Call Martin and request a job.

3) If you do not get Rooftop Rumble, try joining a Quick Mission from the pause menu.

4) Repeat steps 2 and 3 until you enter a Rooftop Rumble lobby.

5) Complete and pass Rooftop Rumble

6) Return to Free Roam

At this point, Rooftop Rumble will be available to play from the pause menu as often as you'd like. The payout and RP for this job have not been adjusted.



Who wants to join me on PS3? :)

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Lol yes I thought for a second patch 1.12 brought it back but nope that was a fake

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I bet you $1,000 I could of made a better topic. It would be a hot girl hanging out with a gay gorilla. You know why I would do that?
Because Rooftop Rumble was always there you f*ck.

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And to top this off, I just died on the mission just now playing it :O haha

I swear the enemies are much better now that they have common sense ...

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