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How To quickstart Start Rooftop Rumble Again.


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As some users know rooftop rumble was removed from the quick start menu for the time being. (A.K.A Jobs Rock star created ETC.) Some users were lucky enough to keep the job on their list but users like me had it removed.

Me knowing the code for the mission was still in the game (There would have to be a new update to remove it) decided to call martin and try to get it back. Luckily i got the mission and completed it. After completing you get the bonus you would normally get for completing the mission for the first time. But rooftop rumble will not appear back onto your list unless you do this twice.

After completing twice it should allow you to start up rooftop rumble from the list as it normally would.


(Tip Do not delete any mission replies that martin gives you. It gives you a better chance of getting rooftop rumble. Let them stack.)

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