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Hi guys, I know this is a far-out question, but I've been curious, what does Grand Theft Auto 5 use to render the cars in their game? Blender, Humster3D?

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Not sure if this is the right section for it but wth, I'll answer anyway.


What you're mentioning there would be possible programs to make the models in, though I think they use Autodesk 3DS Max and/or Maya for the vehicles.


About the question at hand though, they use their own rendering engine. It has no particular name, but the game engine itself is called RAGE, Rockstar's Advanced Game Engine or Graphics Engine, I cant remember exactly. I'm fairly sure it's written by themselves and not adopting someone else's engine though.


I think the first game, or atleast one of the first, to use the RAGE engine was MC:LA, maybe some table tennis game they made aswell. So the engine has been around for a while, just updated throughout the years.

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They use 3DS Max for every model in the game IIRC, there are even easter eggs about it in III-era games by looking at some of the computers in the world. The engine is RAGE and the first game was actually Table Tennis. :)

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Next time please use the pinned Q&A thread over in the main GTA V sections.

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