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Scripted scenes and video clip recording

Master Kiriou

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Master Kiriou

Hello guys ! I'm doing a funny video for some friends but I've encountered a problem :


As some of you know, scripted scenes like :

- Niko's girlfriend coming out of her building/getting back home

- Strip-tease scenes

and many others aren't recordable, they just don't appear in the video clip.


I wanted to know, does a mod or tweak that can change that?



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Have you tried using an external recorder-such as Fraps (IF on PC)-IF you use Fraps 1.9d (I think is the version)?, it is a totally free recorder that has unlimited recording (the only limitation is your HD size)..OR use a VCR/DVD Recorder (IF on 360 OR PS3)...Even the latest version of Fraps is FREE-the ONLY limitation with that Free version is that it records 30-second clips ONLY. This is a common sense method to get around the built in one..LOL :p

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