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Gta Vice City(mobile)


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Hi people :) could someone help or explain how to install the Gta vice city on a htc one mini? because in play store it says that my device is not supported :/

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If it's not supported then I don't think there are any legal ways for you to install it so we can't discuss that here. Besides, there must be a reason your phone is not supported. Even if you could install it, you might not be able to run it.

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normaly i know all this stuff,but i saw in this forum one guy writed that he runs perfectly gta 3 and VC and asked people why SA doesnt work on his HTC one mini,so that's the reason i asked :) i sended him private message,but he didnt responded :/

I own an HTC One Mini, which is listed as a supported device for the Android version of San Andreas, however, the game isn't available in the play store for me. Does anyone on here own an HTC One mini? If so, are you experiencing the same problem or have you been able to successfully download the game? It's worth noting that I have both GTA3 and Vice City already on my phone, and they both work great.

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