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No limit mafia recruitment.


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Hello. I'm the leader of no limit mafia. and all mafia style crew that is looking for new active recruits to join in on TDM's and Races, we focus on the Competitive edge of gta with crew battles almost every weekend. we offer a mature Crew Environment with active respectful members. We're currently accepting all members of age as long as you're an active Player of gta 5 and a friendly sociable gamer. we started back in October 1st 2013 with 3 members. We have our own website that has improved over time as we've grown in numbers. We're currently working on making videos for recruiting too, we have brawls with other crews involving with hand to hand combat. We have crew Practice in free mode against anyone who starts things with us. If you need a crew that doesn't have it's members travel alone in a gta game then please come and join us. we're and all XBOX crew that plays games with each other ( if we have the same games) i am willing to talk to you if you have a problem in the crew or with another crew. we have beaten the deadly dragons 5 times in a crew battle and we might go against them again. if you don't want to battle then it's ok but if so then please send me a message on xbox saying that you would like to do some battles with us because we can not read minds and feel what you're thinking in your head. If you're going to change your crew tag to another crews tag then stay in that crew and leave ours. we don't want any half member in no limit mafia. when you're with us then your with us but if you change your tag then leave and don't ask to come back. that is not an acception even if you wanted something from that crew that we didn't have. the only thing i ask is that you be active in the crew and be respectful to other players and crews. if you ever need any money we will do are best to help you out as possible. This goes out to everyone that needs help with a glitch or anything. We're a helpful bunch too. I hope to see new members.


Crew site: nolimitmafia.weebly.com

Crew battle schedule: Friday, Saturday, Sunday.

Crew vehicle: anything that can ride out

Crew appearance: anything, but in battle we wear suits for the mafia insignia

Crew behavior: Mature, Respectful.

Crew leaders: Halo is a skill XxjojoworldxX15 Aquaking74. ( Please contact if you'd like to join)



No team killing

No team snitching

No crying

No disrespectful attitudes

No arguments.


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Please add a link to your crew's socialclub page as it's a requirement. Simply edit your original post, do not reply with a link and welcome.

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