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Civil Border Patrol: I don’t have a stun gun


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I'm stuck on the Civil Border Patrol mission. When the mariachi band's car stops and I get out I am unarmed. I have cycled through all my weapons and I do not have a stun gun.

What gives? How do I get the stun gun?

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Well you can buy one at Ammu-Nation, but it only unlocks for purchase after the mission Monkey Business. I heard that playing the Border Patrol missions will unlock it earlier as well, but I believe they should have given you one for that mission, so it is definitely a glitch I think. The only things I can recommend to fix it, unfortunately are, quiting completely out of the game to the home menu and restarting, making a hard save in a new slot (fixes problems more often than you would think) doing a story mission or two then coming back to try again or, just simply waiting until after Monkey Business when you can just purchase your own Stun gun and come back and do it then.

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