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Night of the zombies[ZOMB]


Do you love zombies?!? Me too especially when they are not gnawing my limbs off and I can blast them full of holes! So if you enjoy zombies as much as the next person you should join Night of the zombies! [ZOMB] we have regular playlists that include zombie style handicap death matches that are well barricaded and you spawn with restricted weapons, limited ammo while the other team spawns with only a knife and occasionally you get a special infected which include grenade/rocket launchers smoke/Molotov throwables. Most of these matches are close quarters and they get really exciting when you disable all display and HUD so join "NIGHT OF THE ZOMBIES" and lets get down with some zombies !!!ATTN WE ARE OPEN ENROLLMENT FOR A SHORT TIME JOIN NOW WHITHOUT HASSLE!!!






Playstation 3


Grand theft auto 5



Arizona mountain time zone

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