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Crew rank is messed up


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So a week or so ago my crew rank reset to 1, i figured maybe its just being derpy and it would be fine by the next day... nope


anyways, contacted R* 4 days ago and still not a single reply t(._.t)


Now, ingame, it shows im rank ~20 or so but on the SC website, it says what it was before i was reset, 35. both ranks are still increasing, when i was reset the original rank was 28 not 35


What i've tried
Creating new character

Leaving and rejoining crew

unlinking SC acct from PSN and relinking it

reinstalling TU 1.11


nothing worked :C


heres a couple pics of the issue from Saturday


crew rank ingame: http://i.imgur.com/01wyhXP.jpg

on SC: http://i.imgur.com/3lJDD8v.jpg


thanks for your help in advance!

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