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name change?

Mr Mean Swag
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Mr Mean Swag

Hey could an admin or mod help me out? I'd like a quick name change so my forum name is the same as my Xbl gamertag. "Mr Mean Swag" (no quotes) thanks!

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You can do it yourself :)


  1. Go onto your profile
  2. Click 'Edit My Profile'
  3. Click on the 'Display Name' tab
  4. Enter your chosen name ("Mr Mean Swag" in this case)
  5. Enter your password to ensure security
  6. Click 'Save Changes'

Members must have had an account for one year before they can do this and are only allowed to change their Display Name once a year. :^:

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Mr Mean Swag

I'm on my phone with a cracked screen and accidentally hit "save changes" I thought it was a login screen... Ughhh can someone change manually for me? :/

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  • Solution

I've changed it for you, please note your login remains the same. (GanjaTree)

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