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[PS3] Skillful Means Crew [GMT +0 dublin]


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Hi All,



You are not intimidated by cheap techniques used by trolls or bully players

You enjoy the immersion of the game

Your attack is catastrophic, you pull out any stop to get the job done.

You take the risks required to consistently win your missions, races, etc.

You can have a f*ck load of fun for a long time if no one interferes

You never let someone walk away with the last kill

You know how to divert police attention from your team mates

You have a quick draw, and usually win even if your enemy fires first


Then please consider joining SKMC. Skillful Means Crew


This is centric in survival missions, with the concept being that the crew is one that takes on intimidating odds without losing their cool and walk away with rewards that make your arms hurt to carry. This serves as practice for the heists in the future of the game, where we will feel comfurtable easily destroying an entire cities police force to take the gold home. If we could hire out our members to other crews for money we would. We want money, and we want it easy - and so we're good, and we invest in our skillful means to get that money.


A bit about King Rottie. lvl40

I play pretty easy, Sanchezzing the country side, and whacking out back flips and corkscrews. I love racing, using a customized Feltzer with the crew emblem on the hood and lots of money invested into the car. It is an awesome war machine at this point and has saved me countless times. I usually dominate 1 on 1s, and win through death matches if my team can hold up. I am a silent player for now (no mic), but will skype with crew mates.

Full Shooting, Full Driving, Full Stamina


We will try to stick to missions with a pay off of above 9,000, and will take periodic survival sessions in preparation to mission marathons.




PSN is kingrottie

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