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Off-road doesn't mean anything in races


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Ok off road vehicles are great for free roam, but in a race, even an off road race, it doesn't matter what class


Was on an off road bike race, 4 out of 10 people had akuma and rest had Sanchez and the all but one Sanchez finished in last place one after the other the rest including winner was akuma.


Do you think off road cars performance on off road need to be improved?

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i think handling and performance is different for these two bikes, i done the bike race to the top of Mt Chilliad in my custom Bati and beat two guys who had sanchez bikes. my handling was poorer but my speed was much better which was the only reason I won the race. So i think there is a difference.

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The fact that you can pick the Akuma or Bati for an off road race shows that Rockstar wasnt thinking when they picked the classes


even the Sanchez should not be in a OFF-Road race


Motorcycles should have 2 classes of there own and not cross over into the off-road category ....if its is an off road or no road type race and motorcycles are to be used, then the Sanchez and the ATV would be correct and there may be one other bike that would class as a street or trail bike .......

The rest of the motorcycles should be classed by themselves

.the two classes would be 1 Street/cruiser 2 Trail/motocross


On a Off road race ...vehicles in the SUV class and any 4x4 off road vehicle would be ccorrect

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