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Custom races


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Have a browse through the Content Creator subforum. Generally speaking, the members of these forums create better custom races (and deathmatches) than those who are not members. Be warned, however, that the "Rockstar verified" races (and, again, deathmatches) are generally amongst some of the very worst.

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Sadly not many of them - they're pretty much either boring freeway snoozefests or full of retarded jumps and obstacles.


That said, Four-Way Madness is actually fun if you're not doing it over and over and Monaco Grand Prix GTA isn't too bad.

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Tali vas Normandy

out of the 100 i played

i say that only 2 of them are fun

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4 Way Madness, GTA Race, like 3 or 4 laps, is a total blast. If I'm host I like to use muscle cars, everyone else seems to always picks supers though (zzz).

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