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GTA SanAndreas Snapmatic Competition


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GTA SanAndreas Snapmatic Competition

Hi everyone,this competition is similar to the below threads but with some differences:



The Rules are simple:


  • No participant is allowed to post more than one image per week.So choose carefully.
  • You are not allowed to use any mods like ENB or ultrathing. Only original photographs taken by the camera are allowed.

  • You can edit your pictures but to a limit, don't make it unoriginal like having lensflare in the pic.(Effects are allowed.)

  • You will have to submit your submissions before Saturday (00.00 IST).Results will be announced on Sunday.

  • The winner will choose the next week's theme.

  • Any submission out of the theme given would be obviously rejected.

  • For any more information/doubt or appreciation you can contact me.

    This Week's Theme is Nature's Beauty. Competition ends on Sunday (30.03.2014).
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Here's my submission, taken in Las Venturas whilst overlooking the Los Santos badlands. (no ENBSeries or graphical enhancements were used when taking this screenshot)




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