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Killed in strip club?


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Not sure if this is already been covered in another post but how is it possible to get killed inside the strip club. I'm not talking about being in the entrance, I was inside the club near the stage and someone came in and shot me. Did not know this was possible.

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It is possible by killing the bouncer you can bring your guns inside the strip club

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I did this to someone earlier lol. He was in the back with my girl Nikki, talking all kinds of sexual perversions into her ears and I couldn't have that. I shotgunned my way into the club and waited for him to finish with his private dance and gunned him down as he exited the back room. Sad to say, Nikki got it too.


On topic: You have to shoot the security guard at the entrance and either continue shooting as you enter or be aiming down sights while you enter. Either way works.

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I could think of a lot worse ways to die..



That is awesome Ninjambie... I like that.. No witnesses man, no witnesses...

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Someone wanted a certain car, and I found one driving around


I took it to their house to wait for them but got distracted by a hooker


My friend wasn't happy about all the stains in his new buffalo and killed us both- I never even got to finish!!!!!

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