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Are you looking for a tight-knit and well structured MC that loves to kick ass and have a goodass time? Well Black Gavel MC Nomads may be for you. We are a serious club with serious rules. If you put in work you get rewarded. We take care of our own, and there is a time and place for everything. We do not aim to be the biggest mc but we do aim to be the closest an most tight-nit club. Our club has recently had some problems with other members and we have been knocked back down and are in GREAT NEED OF NUMBERS. We need more members who will be loyal and active. Our club needs to once rise back up and be were we were.


1. All new recruits must go through a prospecting phase which lasts about a week officially, so you must prospect before being full patch.

2. All members and prospects must attend chapel which is held everyday to discuss club buisness, but our mandatory chapel is yet to be set.

3. All members and prospects must own a hexer,bagger or daemon.

4. All members must rock the patch on back of a leather jacket everytime you are on a club function or playing with club members.

5. When in battle do not use the following unless used on you first: tanks, rpgs, miniguns, grenade launchers, buzzard attack choppers, sticky bombs, or any other thing a real life Mc wouldn't have.

6. You can look at the actual nomad page but to join you must visit and request a invite to the prospect charter.

7. Must be older than 12 and have a mic.

8. Want to be in a badass crew who likes to kick ass and have good times.

Goto the website for all the rules and prospecting laws. If this interests you then check out our website @ http://kciyow.wix.com/black-gavel-mc

Or message me on xbox live at H1CK R0SS

Nomad social club




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