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(PS3) DevilishCrew now needing members!?!


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Hello Everyone my name is Souldevil21 and finally my crew is in recruitment mode if u are intrested heres all u should know about it

we are called soldiers but really we are mixed of all types as it is open to everyone we play on ps3 and run from gta v to red dead redemption we will usually rob alot and become enemies for others the main gamemodes we will play are team deathmatch, capture, and missions but will do all on majority vote we ask that u give a few details as we give a few of ours

http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/devilishcrew here is our link for those ready to join


1. we split profits based on activity I,e, one guy on for 5 hrs gets more of a cut then guy on for 20 mins

2. Atm we are only a ps3 but are intrested for a co owner to do xbox recruiting

3. we can do closed crew sessions or online sessions based on majority vote

4. we are looking for a emblem maker as well voting will end after 20 members

and finally we stick together

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Welcome but if you truly want to prosper, it's best to always add as many details you can about your crew. Such as type of crew, what you're looking for and types of games/modes you lot play.


Also, you need to add a link to your crews socialclub page as it's part of the rules here. Make sure you use the EDIT feature to do so in your original post. Do not reply with any updates or the link, just edit. Thanks and good luck.

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