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Hunting for an old music video..


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Alright, I'm gonna describe this as much as I can. I don't really care for the song so much as just the video.

It's entirely animated and I remember something like, and short little guy with a very simple face (I think it was just his eye) walking through a city. The sky is completely red, the buildings are white with black lines, and all the people except for him are skeletons.

He walks past a restaurant where this skeleton woman with blonde hair and a pink dress is eating dinner with a monkey, the monkey falls to the ground choking and dies with a little pool of blood coming out his mouth. The little guy just walks past as this happens, and for some reason there's a black crow that flys up on his shoulder and starts whispering into his ear (its whispering letters into his ears but I don't know what they spell).

At some point the little guy is at home watching tv with a little lady (not a skeleton, similar to him), one channel has some skeleton guy drinking a soda, the next channel has a skele. man and woman french kissing. When it shows the two on the couch again, they are skeletons but retain they're unique size and clothes.

That's all I remember, I think it may have been a fan made video but I saw it when I was young somewhere on my dad's computer.

The song was a darker alternative rock type song, maybe a sort of grunge-ish sound. Anyone knows anything, I'm dying to find it.

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