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Special Operations!


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Had a feeling to make a 'special operations' team death-match.


Not sure if this type of mission has been made before.. as I know everybody loves Maze Bank..





'Parachute in or snipe from below, the choice is yours'


- 16 players - 8/8


- 2 teams


- 1 tank each side (2 in total)


- Very fun.


Team 1 spawns on top of the Maze Bank which has a few sniper positions available slightly below.

Team 2 spawns across the road on ground level of the multi-storey building.


Really not going a good job of explaining this so will do more justice if you guys could check it out. Spent 3-4 hours making sure everything is balanced (while still being fun).


Definitely get the 'Specials Ops' feel while gliding down to assault some bad-guys!


Please let me know what you think!


(There is also 1 x cargobob, 4 x bati 801 and 2 x military 'trucks')

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