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[SA] Red County Gang Mod (Centro Valle)


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This mod adds gangs to the Central Valley of San Andreas...


Generalized means that its only taking one gang and spreading it all around... this is used to save some of the gang openings for other gangs... (AKA saves space)


3D Era


1. St James Family (Light Blue Drug Gang)

2. Rebel Army (Rednecks)

3. Varrio Bandoleros (Green)


4. Marabunta Grande

5. Varrio Los Aztecas

Palomino Creek

6. Imperial Heights Hustlers (Black Drug gang)

7. Muderland Lumberjacks (Brown)

8. Sociedad XXXII (Yellow)


9. Almiedas (Guerillas)

10. King Street Families (Purple)


Project Reality Era

Blueberry (Fresno)

1. Fresno Bulldogs

2. Crips (Generalized)

3. Bloods (Generalized)

4. Varrio Colona Parlier (Nortenos)

5. Surenos (Generalized)

6. Asian Boyz

Montgomery (Visalia/Tulare)

x. Surenos (Generalized)

7. Tulare County Nortenos

8. Oriental Troopers

Palomino Creek (Bakersfield)

x. Surenos (Generalized)

x. Crips (Generalized)

Dillmore (Lancaster)

x. Surenos (Generalized)

x. Crips (Generalized)

x. Bloods (Generalized)

and as an added bonus...

Angel Pine (Salinas)

9. Acosta Plaza (Nortenos)

10. East Side Vagos (Surenos)

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I had myself an idea to do a Countryside Gangland too... well your ideas are awesome ;) I think I have to start doing it though :p And maybe a GTA2 Gangs mod or a GTA1 Gangs mod... well I'm full of ideas :pp

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