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your favourite apartment


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only people who listen to justin beiber/little kids/squeakers or are griefers live in "eclipse". honestly..you only bought it to say you have the most expensive one.. you know..the one with the horibble view, tanks waiting for you, trolls with stickies, arab car bombs, and just in general IDIOTS.. best apartment in the game is mine.. richards majestic apartment 51. AMAZING views. "secret" little garage entrance. front door is down the street from the garage just in case. and the only time i had someone ever waiting outside my apartment to get me is when i forget i had a bounty on me. /thread

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Weazel 101 - obviously the choice to make as its a homage to Fox News building (Fox-weasel) OR Nakotomi Plaza from Die Hard. Plus 'Apartment 101' a dedication to George Orwell's Novel '1984' and/or the UK TV show 'Room 101' Plus it has that awesome rear courtyard.

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What is this? Advertising page?


I can't understand this property discussion. Yes, there are cars with easier and more straightforward handling and better stats, but garages and apartments? Just consider it from this angle:

— There are NO heists. As soon R* will release it's question of 100-200k to upgrade any of your property to heist-capable.

— Money is not the question. With RR money machine or glitches. It's x21 RR to obtain most expensive apartments with 0 balance.

— There is nothing to do at your property. At least, no unique activities. Smoking or drinking is boring.

— 99% your spawn point set to last location. Where you're spawning with your last car. You can change it easily by calling a mechanic.

— Ammunation argument is invalid. Just launch a mission and buy ALL AMMO WITH 1 CLICK. Or select what you need.

— Shops argument is invalid. Why the hell do you need to be able to visit shop right after getting to your property? There are shops all around map. Really?


And last but not least. What the hell is going on with Eclipse towers? I'm living there since october and not planning to move out. Because there are no problems at all. But maybe it's just me.

Yes, there are disanvatages there: one exit, very exposed from different angles, populated sometimes. But what the hell? It's 16 players on the map MAX, so odds are not as bad as people tend to think.


By far I can imagine only 1 reason to relocate: be closer to helipad/airport.

But the actual dream is to have private hangar or helipad with YOUR vehicle stored as in SP.

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Bay City Ave! Living near the beach and right next to bay/heliport. Downside is the 6 car garage but I don't mind it.

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I've lived in all of them and I enjoyed Richard's the most. It has a set of steps across from the garage that you can drive down to escape any trouble waiting for you when you come out with your car and the main entrance is on the other side of the building giving you options to escape attackers that follow you home. Another great feature is the driveway is sloped downward allowing your vehicle to escape gunfire from the street while waiting for the animation to get into the garage. The driveway has small walls on each side for you to crash a car into, exit and sit in cover giving the illusion that youre stuck, many pursuant will offer a free kill as they come around the corner on the narrow street unaware of the impending ambush. After that youre free to collect your car and drive in safely.

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0115 Bay City Ave. Apt. 45


Always away from the chaos, plenty of cover, all shops close, right on the beach, boats/helopad close, Airport LSC close and almost always empty, mask shop a stone's throw away, etc. Only downside is 6-car garage. Also, relatively cheap at 150k.

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My favorite is torn between Weazel Plaza and Del Perro - Del Perro is cheap but I really like the driveway at Weazel (where I currently reside)

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Del Perro but

Whats the point when every 10-car garage apartment look the same on the inside ? :dontgetit:

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