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New Logo Request for =The Legion=


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As you can see below we have a logo for The Legion. However I believe it's getting a bit... well... meh and frankly I see it as a factor to the lack of attention it would draw to possible little Bambi recruits, having a good scroll through the gangs. Now, I was hoping one of you lovely lads, would give it an update or re-design. I was hoping for a metal kind of feel (bolts included!), scratches, scuffs and sharp edges. A Olive Green colour would be most suitable but I and ROFL (hopefully ;p) will be grateful of any work you guys produce.

Also any headers to go with it will be very much appreciated. Thanks.


EDIT: The Mercenary Mobilized Devision made a good example of the sharp edges, maybe just a tad straighter and maybe like 4 fatter ones around the edge


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Bumpity bump bump, bump bump. :D


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Holy sh*t guys... Words cannot explain how grateful I am, they are superb! Great work as always! :D

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