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[Xbox] HM Royal Marines UK

RX Assassin 628

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RX Assassin 628

Her Majesty's Royal Marines United Kingdom or HM Royal Marines UK (RMUK) is a newly founded military crew on GTA Online.


Leader (Xbox GT) - RX Assassin 628

Co-Leader (Xbox GT) - GRANDADS DOOR

Social Club Page: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/hm_royal_marines_uk

Motto: It's a state of mind





On the 28th October 1664 an Order-in-Council was issued calling for 1200 soldiers to be recruited for service in the Fleet, to be known as the Duke of York and Albany's Maritime Regiment of Foot. As the Duke of York was The Lord High Admiral, it became known as the Admiral's Regiment. The Regiment was paid by the Admiralty, it and its successors being the only long service troops in the 17th and 18th century navy.

They were therefore not only soldiers but also seamen, who were part of the complement of all warships. In 1704, during the war with France and Spain, the British attacked the Rock of Gibraltar: 1,900 British and 400 Dutch marines prevented Spanish reinforcements reaching the fortress. Later, British ships bombarded the city while marines and seamen stormed the defences. These later withstood nine months of siege. Today the Royal Marines display only the battle honour "Gibraltar", and their close relationship with the Royal Netherlands Marine Corps continues.


· Army

o Leader - RX Assassin 628

· AirForce

o ​​​Leader - (Uknown)



Lt. General

Major General



Lt. Colonel




Second Lieutenant

Warrant Officer 1

​Warrant Officer 2

​Colour Sergeant



Lance Coporal



· Respect the leaders and your fellow Commandos

· Respect opponents (hate messages while on duty are not allowed)

· You require a mic (discussing tactics is a key skill)

· Be able to play with reasonable skill on free-aim servers

· Stay active or you will be kicked (2 weeks of unexplained absence)

· Have a dark blue SUV (for patrolling the streets of LS)

· Wear the crew outfit while on duty


(Xbox Gamertag)

RX Assassin 628 - General - Army

GRANDADS DOOR - Lt. General - Army

oTF Doug MacRay - Marine - AirForce

Crew Outfit:

· Blue cargo trousers

· Black boots

· Blue tucked shirt

· Standard armor

· Blue flat cap​ (optional)

· Aviators (optional)


Crew Vehicle:

· Any dark blue SUV (preferably a dubsta)

Crew Weapon:

· G36C (black or blue)


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