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unable to connect

grand theft spaghetti

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grand theft spaghetti

ive heard people talking about this but just experienced it for myself. it happens after your game has frozen a few times. you try and join a friend or crew mate but you get an error message about not being able to connect to their game and get sent to a random lobby.


is this a widespread problem yet? you can have 15 friends in one session and not be allowed to join any of them. like i said, the more times this game has frozen on you the more likely you are to get this message. i first heard about from the friends that would get daily freezes. they would be unable to rejoin us in the original lobby. now after my game has frozen im starting to get this message.


stop making friends with youtube whores and start fixing your game. you cant blame the hackers for delays and then promote those same guys on your livestreams.

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