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[XBOX] off road car meet / trail ride


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This cruise will start unit one hour and will drive all through the back roads and woods of Sandy Shores and surrounding areas.

Please bring off-road vehicles



Stay a safe distance from the car in front of you.

Do not bring a supercar or dirtbike.

Do not constantly honk your horn.

Do not try to get ahead of the cruse leader.

Do not purposely run other players off the road.

If you see another player having trouble getting up the hill or a mountain kindly give them a push with your vehicle. (: Do not drive fast.

Chat with the other players in the game.


If you want to join simply post your gamer tag below or message me on Xbox.

My gamer tag is Zomb1esNeedHugs

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I'm interested.

GT is SNB Cola.

Time to bring out my Clean Rebel! :D


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