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No police code


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Well, I've taken the time to complete over 70% of the game and now I think it's time to break out some cheats. I decided I'd go with the "No Cop AI" on www.gameshark.com, and it didn't work. I even put the enabler code on, and it didn't work. I've checked the #'s and letters on it 3 times and they are exact as the ones on their website.


Does anyone else have No Police cheat. Just remember NO CODEBREAKER, it's gameshark I need. Also, has anyone made a GS cheat site like the one with the turbo cheat, ufo car cheat and so on that was for GTA3? Except to have it for VC.


Thanks in advance :)

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first, check www.codejunkies.com for the never wanted code


second, www.thegfcc.com are the people that made those cool codes for gta3.

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