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Why do my male characters have...


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... ladies shoes in their walk in closets? Multiple pairs even! I tried but I can't put them on. I've been wondering about this for months now.


The only possible explanation is related to the excellent book and movie American Psycho. My characters have dead hookers in their closets and the shoes are souvenirs.



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R* should allow cross-dressing for both genders, equal dressing opportunities for all! Down with Sex-Based Discrimination!

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well my in lore explanation for this is that since you can have a hookers number on your cell phone ( fu fu for example ) those shoes are hers.

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Cause R* just put them there cause both genders can own the apartment.

^^ This.


I'm not touching this post with a 10 foot pole. :lol:

I just have to tell you that I love your sig, because it is awesome.

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