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Car acceleration issue (keyboard)


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I just received a used Microsoft Wireless Comfort Keyboard 1.0A (model 1027), and started playing GTA IV. There's a problem with driving cars.

When I try to accelerate in any vehicle (W) while simultaneously turnin the vehicle (A or D), the acceleration stops after a few seconds. I have to release W and press it again to keep going.

I assume this has something to do with ghosting, rollover, or multiple key-press recognition. Is my problem just a cheap keyboard, or can it be fixed? Oddly enough, when on foot I can move strafe and turn while holding W and there are no problems.


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It must be the keybord. Have you tried any other games doing the same thing ? Well if it does, sorry but you will probably need to send it back or get a new keyboard.

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Thanks SoftTouch. I'll test other games, but it must be the keyboard itself. I was hoping there was some sort of sticky keys option that could be disabled. Oh well.

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