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Wayne Daniels

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Wayne Daniels

This is my story so far and if anyone has any knowledge on this subject I would be happy to hear from you with suggestions and help. Ok, so:


Me and my cousin (25 and 16) have always had a very weird feeling when entering certain rooms of our grandma and grandpas house, for as long as we can remember, just feelings of pure fear for no reason at all.

We also have another cousin (4), who has always been a bit odd, but he is the key to all this. One of the main rooms he won't/can't step foot in and for a while he has refused to tell is why.

Just this weekend that came, me and my cousin decided to really research this and dig deep, and I'm actually starting to think it was a bad idea.

This weekend I had a talk with my cousin (4) and asked if he sees anything in that room, with pure fear in his voice he replied "yes". I then asked if it was a little boy, he replied "no, it's not human you will be scared".

He confessed to have nightmares very often about this.

When my grandma was baby sitting him at her house she pulled him in the room, obviously trying to get out of that room in fear, his eyes were fixated 2 items high on the wall that were next to each other, screaming to get him away from them.

These items are a didgeridoo and a boomerang

We are thinking a spirit has attached itself to one of these items, or the spirit could have been the owner as they are very old.


My grandma is insisting we stop, we think she knows something...

I will be posting updates if anyone is interested.

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If you are really believed that your cousin is saying true, so never try to take that step because that spirit ( not human ) can hurt you badly. i suggest you to lock that room for ever. the spirit your cousin is saying must have a historical death about it. BTW, i am bit interested in these myths.

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