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Faded Tattoos


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Me and my friend was playing early, having fun, as usual. But we came across a minor problem that we believe a few people notice. I bought a boatload of tattoos today, and my friend says "why are your tattoos faded on my screen?" So we go looking around on other people who had tattoos and I realized it wasn't just us with faded tattoos. So I was wondering does anybody else on here have faded tattoos, is it just us, and can Rockstar fix this. Although it's a minor problem with the game, it's the minor aspects and details that make the game.

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All tattoo's that you have on your own character always looked faded/blurred on other peoples systems..
I was most miffed to find that my nice crew logo on the back on me t-shirt was only see-able by me and not my friends..

I guess it just make the game run better not having to put so much precise detail on everything...

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yet put that on a car and it (usually) looks just fine...


This is pretty low on my list of things that suck about this game.. but it's on the list...

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